What Is Most.

There seem to be so many people in our world that share my take on things-make it prrrrrty. Take something and make it lovely and beautiful and all your own. And when you’re spinning in that fire of creativity, oh there’s nothing like it. I mean nothing.

And then we get distracted with “life” and step away from that way of being. I get totally focused on other things and forget to push aside the less-important for what is most. 

Then something will hit me on the head, and it’s like I wake up. Of course. I’ve gone off track. I feel guilt, I don’t know why. It’s like I’ve been sleeping on the job or something. But Mama Creativity opens her arms and smiles warmly with a “welcome back Julie, we missed you” every time. So hello. I’ve missed you, too. 
Today I got a notification from Word Press and for some reason my viewerstoday have sky-rocketed. My heart leapt. Then, I felt guilty. I have many, a-many excuses as to why I’ve dropped off the face of the World Wide Web. None matter. It was that lively jolt that’s nudged me to make this post today. For 2017 if for nothing else. A bright and shiny new year.


Mama Gets in on the Midnight Flight

I’ve been telling Jett all week how Grandma’s coming. It’s exciting. We’re ready (we’ll, we’ll be asleep, but she’ll have a nice snack awaiting). 

Thank  + Give

I’m a true believer that if you give you get. More importantly I’ve seen that when I’m appreciative of every good and beautiful thing that comes my way something happens. Things get better. All better. 

Which word resonates most with you? “Thank” or “give”? 

I planned to make a “give” decoration but ran out of time. Picking “thank” first was subconscious, though. I believe giving thanks and gratitude is one of the most powerful things I can do while I’m on this earth.

Turk(ish) Day Design

A sheet becomes a tablecloth for a last minute Thanksgiving look. A little paint and color keeps the Turkey Day natural hues at a safe distance. Maybe the look is a little bit Moroccan inspired? Or perhaps Turkish….gobble.

Oh, this gorgeous design on the right is a hand made Indian wood paint block. One day I’ll actually test it out on fabric. Happy Thanksgiving all.

Tee Hee Hee

Newest obsession: bones (in the anatomical sense, not the dark and Halloweeny one). Ha ha. Weeny….
Been having some fun with polymer clay and these silicon molds I bought at Baker’s Toy Box on Etsy. So far I’ve used polyemer clay and got glue, but  can even make tiny yummy chocolates with them.

I see the Moon.

I forgot that the moon tonight is supposed to be huge. Right now looking out my window it’s actually not that big at all, but when it first came out it took my breath away.
There’s a feeling I get when I look at the moon. It’s familiar and comforting, but it also sparks a magnificent and mysterious wonder. I love love LOVE our moon.

Your Average Day in O.B.

San Diego is just plain fun. There’s a little hippie nook call d Ocean Beach (O.B.), and the waves (8-10′) and people were wild. 

There was a moving energy as I passed by the grass that made me giddy. Hula hoops, acrobatic yoga, Hare Krishnas….you name it. Everyone just wanted a peaceful piece of this, including me.