My Very Sprouted Life

I’m a little torn of where to start. I mean, I’ve blogged before…kinda. Just for fun; you know. The sort of “look at what I made” DIY sort of blog. And that’s fun and I hope to show off some pretty little projects soon, but I have since then had a baby…got married…and now I stay at home. And life at times feels so fast. But there are days that just kind of hoover over and just hang out.

Today was one of those days. See we’re moving to San Diego in June. Me, the Hubbs, Baby Jett and doggie Luth. We’re uprooting ourselves from the very sprouted life we’ve built here in Southern Florida. I thought I was okay with it, and I am. I mean, come on, it’s San Diego. I didn’t meet a lot of folks out here in Hollywood (Florida, that is), but we’ve started a family, OUR family, right in this 1950s house (with pink and green tiles in the bitty bathroom) I bought nearly three years back.

We’re selling the house, and with some luck we’ll profit quite well, actually (yesssss-[side pump]). But it’s this whole packing up and moving thing that’s starting to unnerve me. I mean I moved up to South Korea by myself (actually not that hard to do, but it sounds brave). I loved the thrill of relocating in my 20-somethings, but now in my thirties I’m starting to favor comfort and side with the familiar. Boo. I’m officially getting old.

Anyways, when it comes to this blog, am I going to treat it like a diary entry, or more like those really enthusiastic DIYers who somehow have time to raise 4 children, author their own How-to-Successfully-run-an-Etsy -Shop book, act as a on-the-side fashionista, and still have time to blog daily and extensively while sipping on their freshly squeezed lavender thyme lemonade. I mean, I forgot how to spell “minute” today. Yeah, that’s the playing field I’m on these days. So…..where exactly do I fit in in the blogging world? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

I’m jumping in. I’m going to give my heart to this blog, and pledge my allegiance to it. I will be honest and write words not to aim and please others, but to pull them from my soul. I’ll sprinkle little bits of Julie all over this Glow Out Loud until the whole town is painted pink!

I would love to seek out others with a blog. My people. My “tribe”. Maybe a new mom like me (although I really do t want that to take on my full identity). I will find time for Glow Out Loud in between episodes of Downton Abbey and moving our stuff out of our home by the end of this month (oh- did I mention my husband will be away the ENTIRE next month for boot camp?!).

Okay! So now that I’m getting into it, check out what I made for breakkie! Food is just so perfect. I think I love it because the possibility of flavor combinations are freaking endless. I’m not always a healthy eater but I’m not shy of trying a vegan frosting on my sinful chocolate cake I made from scratch (yes, it was perfect).

So I had some eggies on toast with dill, tomatoes and avocado. Fresh and good. Where has fresh dill been all of my life? Why have I taken you for granted for so long???? My friend Nicki showed me that leaving the fresh herbs in a glass of water in the fridge keeps them alive and well FOREVER. It really justifies a cilantro purchase quite nicely.



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