Talking Pretty and Making Pretty

I’ve given a bit of thought to the purpose of Glow Out Loud. I’ve been thinking….what do I get the most joy out of when I’m online? I (like most of us) gravitate to the visual. I want to always see “pretty”. Ha ha. Me Talk Pretty One Day. A great read, by the way. “Talking” pretty is rather important (for blogging) if you’re looking to grab readers.

But I want you guys to follow Glow Out Loud for its visual content above all. I mean, isn’t that why Pinterest is so addictive? It’s the eye candy of the web’s ideas and info. But think of the Pins that grab at you…. They’re visual is alluring. And what about YouTube? We want to see more, and sometimes read less.

So I’ve always gravitated towards design, particularly graphic design. I want to make an eye candy sight that people visit to get a taste of rich, chocolate truffled beauty. And as my good friend in Korea, Elisha, says, “then it can be”.

That’s it. That’s my purpose. Furthermore, besides teaching myself how to create beautiful pages and posts for you all, I want to try and do it without all of the ads. They’re so annoying, aren’t they? At this point Glow Out Loud is a hobby, but one days I will turn this baby into my work. Don’t ask me how, but we’ll figure it out. I think that’s my favorite motto in life these days. I’m always telling my Hubb, “we’ll figure it out, Love”. And we do. And so I will.

When I start creating beauty and get responses from you guys that you like it and can’t wait to see more, THEN I want to show and tell. Maybe in the form of a book or trainings or just tutorials. So that more of us can create online pretty.

So any ideas on where to start? What to tackle first?



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