Big Ideas

It’s been ONE heck of a day. With a 4:00am wake up call from Jett, and a family-style slumber hotel party in Key West (a bonus day of staying!), I’m Tonked.

The good news is that I made you guys something nice. I’m not going to say I’m proud of it, buuut….okay I am!

It started off as a famous railroad photo I took in the Keys yesterday. It’s a rad mysterious railroad that has a break in it, and it’s over the water (my favorite thing about the Keys is how haunted it is). Anyways, I started manipulating the image until all I had was a high-contrast impression of the railroad.

This new app is Icolorama S. I think I paid $3 for it and I am loving LOVING it. You know when you get lost in all of the options, because there are so many, and then you start exploring and realizing you’ve only just touched the surface? Yeah, well it’s one of those. There’s a lot of depth to it. I’m particularly impressed with the textures you can get with it. I’m always searching for more texture.

So if anyone out there is trying to do what I’m trying to do, and explore new and fun ways to make beauty (which creates a glow-that’s right, as in a “Glowoutloud” glow), I want to know. I want to share what I’m discovering, so just let me know. I’m starting to really get excited about the potential of having people “follow” Glowoutloud. I mean we all follow each other when it comes down to it, but you get what I mean…I want to gather and find my tribe, or clan, or whatever.

Okay I absolutely must get to bed. Dreamland awaits. Ahhhhhh.



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