Everyone’s Making a Youtube These Days.

So it’s taken me more than plenty of days to get down iMovie (and when I say “get down” I mean the basics). But oh how fun it’s been. I plan to make more of these, even if my number of views is 1 (me!).


I got loads of wonderful tips from the smartest folks out on Youtube. Yep. The tweens and twenteens. Specifically, AlishaMarieMyLifeAsEva, and JENerationDIY. Thanks ladies. You are the badest asses. Haha. xoxo

So even if I stay at one view (no, two. my mom will watch this for sure), I will make more of these. I loved making these. Fun and fun. Also, I get an excuse to tinker around with more projects. These are going to be themed chronicles, if you will. So yeah. Tassels it is. Woo hoo. Write me some comments, please. Unless you’re a troll. Nope. Trolls stay under the bridge for this one thanks. My Tassel Garland Video.

glowoutloud glitter png.png


2 thoughts on “Everyone’s Making a Youtube These Days.

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  1. You are so adorable!! I love that you’re making videos, documenting your creativity and sharing it with the WORLD! What a gift! Great to “see” you here and Love you to pieces! XO


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