What Is Most.

There seem to be so many people in our world that share my take on things-make it prrrrrty. Take something and make it lovely and beautiful and all your own. And when you’re spinning in that fire of creativity, oh there’s nothing like it. I mean nothing.

And then we get distracted with “life” and step away from that way of being. I get totally focused on other things and forget to push aside the less-important for what is most. 

Then something will hit me on the head, and it’s like I wake up. Of course. I’ve gone off track. I feel guilt, I don’t know why. It’s like I’ve been sleeping on the job or something. But Mama Creativity opens her arms and smiles warmly with a “welcome back Julie, we missed you” every time. So hello. I’ve missed you, too. 
Today I got a notification from Word Press and for some reason my viewerstoday have sky-rocketed. My heart leapt. Then, I felt guilty. I have many, a-many excuses as to why I’ve dropped off the face of the World Wide Web. None matter. It was that lively jolt that’s nudged me to make this post today. For 2017 if for nothing else. A bright and shiny new year.


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