Mantra Tags

mantra tags 1.jpg

A little project-o I got started on. It’s fun. I got the idea for these Vintage Title Tags from Vintage Street Market. I’ll probably post a few more shots of these beauties, because I kind of love them. Possible next Youtube project.

Part of me wishes there was something a bit more practical to make of them than just tags. I’m thinking of a calendar type use for them. TBD. I tried to make the card stock look old and torn, and love the imperfection of my rubber stamps. The paper is mostly from an old Winnie the Pooh book.

So I worked on choosing words that resonated with me, and could also ignite a mantra. I let my neighbor pick one at random for her vision board she was making. Kind of a neat idea, You could make some and send them each to your friends with Christmas cards. What fun.



Power in the Soft

mantra tag 2.jpg

Doctor Brene Brown has introduced me to a notion that has moved me. Her book (and Ted Talk), The Power of Vulnerability, speaks loudly to the power of being soft. Putting yourself out there, being vulnerable, may sound easy or ridiculous, but quite truly it’s the most difficult thing we as human beings face.

On a personal note I (at least in theory) am aspiring to be more vulnerable. I’ve become quite good at “hiding”, and it’s time I throw down my shield. There is power in being soft and fragile. Perhaps that’s why we are so attracted to softness.

Ink & Paper

Is it just me, or are typewriters everywhere? There’s something simple and bold about good old black ink on thick, firm paper.
I got these little stamps a few years back and am having fun with them. Sometimes I double stamp in not exactly the same spot to get more of a rough type effect.

Weird Science

Lately the beauty of science has been popping out all around me. I dig it. Anatomy, for instance. I’m starting to slightly obsess over the perfection of the human skull. 

Sure a skull can be seen as dark, and Halloween has locked that connection pretty firmly. Buuut, someone studying medicine can appreciate the function of a human skull and even it’s reverence. 

In my home I find myself adding more and more organic elements to my decor. Stones, twigs, driftwood, coral. My next project….? Maybe it has to do with a skull, I don’t know.

Oh and P. S.

Hey all. My once a month YouTube video is right in track (okay, okay, ONE day late), and I’m excited to share. 

Don’t let that cheeseball name fool ya. Wall art is legit. Especially since yarn is involved. Hard core people. This is for the hard core. Nah, I kid. This stuff is for people who don’t know what they’re doing, like me. Tinker and toy and have some fun with it. Check it out here . 


Jett got down today with loads and loads of kisses. Wet ones, all day. For some reason I captured a bunch, too. Just a peek of one, here. While I don’t believe in revealing too much of my personal life here, at times, it’s just unavoidable. So….a little warmth for the heart.